Ubani Garage

Former garage space refurbished as a temporary office library slash library.

Public interiors



A temporary office slash library for Ubani — Tbilisi Cityscape Research Center, co-founded by NWDS, took over a former garage on Petriashvili Street next to the Georgian headquarters of NWDS. The garage itself is rather small, which called for built-in furniture: shelves, displays for books, and a drawer for papers and drawings.

Old Ikea tables, reused for the library, determined the overall material and colour scheme for the project. A local carpenter, Temur Gugeshashvili, who runs a carpentry school in Oni, provided pine trees for the new furniture.

The interior features a special object co-designed with Norwegian architect Tord Johann Larsen Breivik: a bench that integrates traditional carvings from the Racha region into a more contemporary design, synchronising vernacular methods with a wider urban context.