A contemporary Italian restaurant inspired by mid-century Milanese design




Enclosed by five-metre ceilings and plate glass windows, the restaurant consists of an airy open plan space with an interior aesthetic drawn from mid-century Milanese cafés, but adapted and modernised to feel contemporary in the early 2020s.

Some of the walls are finished in concrete plaster, while others are hidden behind a long velvet theatrical curtain. The floor is mainly palladiana terrazzo apart from the area adjacent to the brick counter.

Generous natural lighting is complemented by a giant lightbox above the open kitchen, and designer neon lights scattered throughout the space. The bar area is highlighted by coloured marble blocks. All the chairs in the restaurant are European vintage, and while the rest of the interior is retro-fantasy, the furniture itself is retro, lending an old-world authenticity to the ambiance.

In collaboration with SAGA