Sports Centre

A landscape design approach to sports architecture

Public buildings



This project is built around two basic principles: dividing large volumes into structures composed of smaller ones, and «landscape» architecture – the merging of edifice and nature.

The site is oriented in such a manner that the main facade of the building faces northwest, meaning that it is shaded most of the time. To counter this, part of the facade is transparent, allowing a constant flow of light to fill the space. In addition, this technique creates visibility, openness and saves the complex from turning into a mere fence traversing the fields.

The different parts of the complex are interconnected by a winding route through picturesque spaces, rather than dull walkways stretching along the road. The courtyard system allows private spaces such as the spa and kids room to remain connected to nature.

The summer set-up involves even more openness. All gallery doors between complex’s sections open into the courtyards, while the buildings absorb the surrounding landscape. The doors of all rooms overlooking the football fields also remain open, becoming a single, unified space.

The project’s palette is rooted in the use of natural finishing materials: wood combined with ceramics.