Saguramo residence


Residential interiors



Tucked amidst the scenic landscape North of Tbilisi, the Saguramo residence emerges as a cluster of horizontal wooden volumes blending with the natural terrain and complemented by roof sheets arranged at various angles. Divided into two interconnected parts, the house features a transparent isthmus facilitating access to the front and back yards.

In the front yard there are expansive wooden terraces cascading towards a waterfall pool, offering mountain views. Continuing into the garden, trees line the property's perimeter, framing the panoramic mountain vistas and leading to a secluded picnic area at the rear.

Inside, the interior is adorned with beams and wooden surfaces, customizable spaces feature screens and sliding doors, while hidden restrooms offer moments of quiet contemplation. The spacious library combines with a yoga room, with wide glazed doors connecting to the tranquil backyard.

Horizontal window slits between the roof sheets illuminate the living areas with natural light. The first floor houses sleeping units, a living room, kitchen with wine storage, and the yoga-library, while the lower level accommodates spa rooms, a billiard, and technical spaces.