Playful interiors for a premium residential complex




This housing complex was created for a young and dynamic audience. Public interiors are integrated with the architecture and create a homely space that emphasises the character of the building. Through the large windows of the lobby, the interior looks out onto the street, conveying the mood of the stone residence. The warm beige ceramic finish of the exterior dictates the apt combination of textures and colours inside.

To invigorate the serene interior, bright accents are deployed around the space: deep red doors, furniture, and textiles; a sculptural counter; and paper installations on the ceiling. To avoid overloading the interior, some coloured elements are impermanent fixtures, namely, installations and mapping. In the living quarters, the interior of the typical long corridors is softened by illuminated doorways communicating with the apartments in the fashion of a hotel lobby. All signposting and navigation elements take the form of thin metal plates.